Predictive Analytics Interview: Gary Katz, President, Marketing Operations

Mr. Katz is a visionary and thought leader in the emerging Marketing Operations field. He is a veteran with more than twenty years of marketing and change management experience in the technology industry in corporate, agency and entrepreneurial positions, where he directed corporate marketing, communications, public relations, lead generation and qualification, investor relations, and employee communications programs.

What you will learn:

* Marketing Operations::The Engine Behind Predictive Analytics

The holistic application of predictive analytics to create a smarter, more agile enterprise is unquestionably attractive, even sexy. But predictive analytics cannot fulfill its considerable promise without a strong Marketing Operations (MO) organization behind it to give it direction, meaning and opportunities for practical application.

What is Marketing Operations?

A Definition:

Marketing Operations is a thorough, end-to-end operational discipline that leverages processes, technology, guidance and metrics to run the Marketing function as a profit center and fully-accountable business. It reinforces Marketing strategy and tactics with a scalable and sustainable enabling infrastructure, as well as nurturing a healthy, collaborative ecosystem, both within and outside the Marketing department, to drive achievement of enterprise objectives.


Bill Cullifer: The mobile phone Gary Katz founder and CEO of Marketing Operation Partners good afternoon Gary and thanks for being in the call.

Interviewee: Welcome.

Gary Katz: Gary you have given a presentation [Inaudible] conference, the title was the engine behind predictive analytics can you tell us a little bit about that?

Interviewee: Yeah, basically my focus is on emerging the older discipline of marketing operation and basically how bad it is now and the effectiveness of marketing operations within the enterprise is to see how effective predictive analytics will apply.

Bill Cullifer: Fair enough, could you expand on that a little bit.

Gary Katz: Sure, well marketing operation is increasingly becoming a function that organizations with the complex marketing requirements and that are spending a fair amount of money in marketing in a lot of marketing [Inaudible] in order to run the marketing function more like a fully accountable business profit on value [Inaudible] but basically what marketing operation does is leverage profit from the technology [Inaudible] giving the chief marketing officer effectively, a chief of staffing make sure that the operational issues [Inaudible] discipline and also that marketing plays a role in [Inaudible] and it change have [Inaudible].

Bill Cullifer: What would be a couple of the higher level walk away?

Gary Katz: Absolutely that is a good question. Well, it depends on the you know what the [Inaudible] role is obviously, but you know at the C level it in not only embrace marketing operations and they have it all ready, but if they are already doing marketing operations then do it more broadly and more of a holistic strategic and operational approach, but make sure that the execution of the marketing is up as effective as the strategy and the vision that they come up with firstly if there is good alignment between the two and if there is good alignment in the marketing function and other [Inaudible] functional organization that [Inaudible] play a key role whether it is marketing efforts.

Bill Cullifer: Is there a technical component to this or is it all strategy?

Gary Katz: Well, there is always a technical component, but I am not diving into the nut bolts and you know I don’t think I [Inaudible] against that [Inaudible] and so…but marketing operation is the way to lay the ground work, so that the infrastructure [Inaudible] and the different approaches work well, so whether that infrastructure happens to be in a way a predictive analytics approach that includes both subject matter expertise and some kind of technology [Inaudible] but also enterprise marketing management type of technology [Inaudible] technology digital asset management technology and management technology [Inaudible] so marketing operations basically is that it [Inaudible] both technology initiative to make sure that they are that technology adopted are within the organization understood utilized [Inaudible].

Bill Cullifer: Fair enough, well thank you for your time today Gary excellent summary.

Gary Katz: My pleasure Bill. Analytic is a very [Inaudible] area and I think it you will have a lot to do with the [Inaudible] marketing to be more scientific more predictable, more consistent which is the kind of thing we are looking for in order to prove the operational performance of marketing and thus have a bigger impact on the [Inaudible] of an organization to accomplish this.

Bill Cullifer: Very well said.

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