Predictive Analytics Interview Dr. Zeller, Zementis

Dr. Zeller manages the strategic direction of Zementis, a software company focused on predictive analytics and advanced decisioning technology.

In this interview, Dr. Zeller explains how organizations increasingly recognize the value that predictive analytics offers to their business. The complexity of development, integration, and deployment of predictive models, however, is often considered cost-prohibitive for projects. In light of mature open source solutions, open standards, and SOA principles we propose an agile model development life cycle that allows us to quickly leverage predictive analytics in operational environments.

What you will learn:

* Leverage predictive analytics in real-time
*Accelerate time-to-market for decision models
* Reduce cost with SaaS


Bill Cullifer, WOW I am on the phone with Dr. Zeller, CEO of Zementis out of San Diego, California. Dr. Zeller, good afternoon and thanks for agreeing to the call.

Dr. Zeller: Thanks for having me on here. I think excellent educational website. So, I am glad to contribute.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: I appreciate that. You have experience as a computer science fellow and you have been doing predictive analytics for a number of years. You and have a session coming up on the San Diego Computer… Supercomputer Center High Performance Scoring of Healthcare Data as it relates to predictive analytics. Can you give us a couple of walk aways from that session?

Dr. Zeller: Absolutely. It’s going to focus on the ease of deployment for predictive analytics, which really is also the core focus of Zementis and our product line. Taking predictive models that you have developed in various different models and bringing them into a production environment so that any other IT system can easily leverage it, utilize and kind of shorten that time to deployment, time to market predictive analytics.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: And who exactly benefits from that statement? Are we talking about the department itself organizationally, what… where is the return on investment?

Dr. Zeller: Well, the return is really across the enterprise, bringing it into an operational infrastructure and much easier than it has been done in the past. Most of the time they are great tools for data mining, analysis, and model building, but the main hurdle today actually is really the deployment of predictive analytics and…

Bill Cullifer, WOW: Yeah, interesting.

Dr. Zeller: So many companies are not willing or couldn’t spend you know the time and cost associated with such a project. So, it has been I think a limiting factor for predictive analytics in general, just not being able to easily move things into a production environment at a reasonable you know very cost effective way.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: Yeah and how has that changed?

Dr. Zeller: Well, what we are doing is really leveraging the predictive model markup language (PMML), which is the widely known standard in the industry and supported by really the major industry players. We are really focusing on open standards and utilizing that in order to transition from any tool, commercial or open source, into our deployment In addition to that, we actually leverage a new trend that is a very hot topic currently in the industry. It is called computing. So, we leverage for example the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to deliver our software as a service at a much, much lower cost than you have ever seen that before.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: Excellent and that’s a subscription model.

Dr. Zeller: Correct yeah. Instead of spending $50000 or $100000 or more on software and hardware licenses, here you can get started at less than a dollar an hour.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: Excellent and where might people go to get more information Dr. Zeller?

Dr. Zeller: Our website, should really give kind of all the details, you can sign up, you can really get started within five minutes, launch your instance and deploy your models and be in production literally within you know a few hours.

Bill Cullifer, WOW: Excellent. Sounds really good and Dr. Zeller, we certainly appreciate the information and your time today.

Dr. Zeller: Very much my pleasure.

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